Your local history has much to teach, but it must be heard. History Speaks! LLC can help you tell those stories through publications, tours, and programs, and can point you toward funding to get your projects underway. When we work with your organization, we bring years of experience in writing, editing, marketing, grant consultation, and history programming. We’ll provide the guidance you need to perfect one project or to develop a robust, multifaceted history program.

About Sandy

Sandy Selby will be the first to admit that she’s a history geek. The owner of History Speaks! LLC loves sharing stories from the past and finds true happiness when she helps someone make a connection with history. She is an award-winning magazine writer and editor. In addition, she has years of experience as a professional in the nonprofit sector. That combination of skills makes her uniquely qualified to help your organization create engaging programs and publications, and even find the money you need to support those projects.


Every town has a story to tell, but many need help telling it. That’s where History Speaks! comes in. Sandy can help with any aspect of the local history publishing process, from brainstorming and research, to writing and editing, to managing design and printing. Click here to learn more.

Grant Consulting

Grants can be hard to find unless you know exactly where to look. At History Speaks!, we know how to find funders who want to help organizations like yours. Sandy can prepare a prospect report for your cemetery or other historic organization, and work with you throughout the application process. Learn more.


Do you want to bring attention to your historic town or buildings? History Speaks! can help you create events and tours that educate even as they entertain. Plus, a well-planned event can provide important income for your organization and bring in new supporters. Click here to learn about some of our current projects.

Other Services

History Speaks! LLC can also help your organization with website creation, marketing materials, public relations, and social media. Those services can be packaged with other projects or quoted individually. Contact us and let’s discuss how History Speaks! can help your organization grow.